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Our car service provides diagnostics and repair of trucks, trailers and accessories. Diagnosis is made using modern equipment experienced professionals who detail the possible solutions to your problem and, of course, advise the best of them!

When repairing a car, we use only high quality parts! Wide range of spare parts in our stock will have to spend time and effort searching for rare detail it for you will make sales consultants our store of spare parts, advise on the quality and cost of spare parts are ordered, and timing of delivery.





In close cooperation with the managers of our car service, repair of your vehicle will be completed as soon as possible and with impeccable quality. Here is just the main list of our car service services:

•  Car Maintenance - Replacing engine oil, transmission, diagnosis of the vehicle;

• Repair and diagnostics of fuel systems, in-line fuel pumps, pump injectors;

• Repair of electrical equipment, generators, starters, tachographs;

• Repair and installation of autonomous heaters;

• Complete and current engine repair, replacement, repair of seals, components and assemblies;

• Diagnostics and repair of the chassis with further regulation;

• Repair and diagnostics of pneumatic systems ABS, EBS;

• We offer services of restoration of tank cars, radial traction, camshafts, traction of the stabilizer, compressors, radiators, intercoolers, turbochargers, injector calipers, brake drum grooves;

• Computer diagnostics, repair of brake system;

• Repair of mechanical gearboxes, gearboxes, cardan shafts, clutch replacement;

• Painting shop;

• Repair complex bodywork damage;

• Tire installation - electronic balancing, elimination of puncture, diagnostics and geometry of wheels;

• All types of welding works: cast iron, aluminum, stainless steel;

• Turning work;



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