Business forwarding company "Stellar" based on international standards of cargo transportation. "Stellar" received recognition and trust of customers through hard work and many years of experience.

The begun business will be successful if you treat it with responsibility and love. We love our business and do everything possible and impossible every day to meet the status of a reliable carrier.

The purpose of "Stellar" - not only meet your expectations but to exceed itself each time. We're working to keep you satisfied with the cooperation with us.

"Stellar" - the name of the responsible partner whose services used daily by well-known European companies.






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years of success

"Volvo Ukraine"

Certificates of quality company "Stellar"

Benefits of Stellar:

• Years of experience in international transportation and successful practice transport specific products;

• Competence in matters of transport of goods with high risk. We organize and transport dangerous goods in a short time in accordance with international environmental and safety standards;

• Insurance and full responsibility for the safety of goods. We take full responsibility for maintaining the quantity and quality of goods;

• Information support customer. We always provide professional, comprehensive advice on freight transportation;

•  Unlimited transportation geography. For us, there is virtually no new routes. Over the years, car companies have visited all the countries of Europe and CIS;

• Our base is constantly updated and the staff regularly improves their skills;


• Transparent and honest arrangements with employees, customers and partners;


• Quality policy - we care about quality. Stellar as a communications partner understands the importance of its contribution to the quality and safety of finished products. Therefore we are:


- since 2010 - certified according to the standard ISO9001: 2008;


- from 2012 - certified according to the standard ISO22000: 2005 (HACCP).

For us there are no barriers when it comes to the quality of our services.





STELLAR — the art of logistics