Transportation of liquid cargo is the main activity of our company since foundation. The practice of transporting the most diverse cargoes and meeting the requirements for the transportation of refrigerated juice concentrates, hot liquid chocolate, alcohols, or industrial chemistry, gave us a precious understanding of our role in the chain of transformation of raw materials into finished products of daily demand. Our knowledge of European transportation, together with our own considerable experience, has contributed to the development of an action plan in our system to prevent potential threats to your cargo and the environment.

«Stellar» provides services for transportation of:

• Liquid foodstuff;

• Liquid industrial cargo;

• Frozen food in refrigerators;

• Bulk cargo by tank-vehicles;

• Liquid industrial gases;;

• Liquid industrial gases;

• Packed goods by tilt semitrailers.

Observance of clear temperature regimes and fixed delivery times; requirements for washing procedures and technical compliance of our vehicles with sanitary standards, professionalism and care of our staff - all this testifies that we are in agreement with the main idea - to satisfy the needs of consumers, giving the BEST!



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