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Business forwarding company "Stellar" based on international standards of cargo transportation. "Stellar" received recognition and trust of customers through hard work and many years of experience.

The begun business will be successful if you treat it with responsibility and love. We love our business and do everything possible and impossible every day to meet the status of a reliable carrier...






Transportation of liquid cargo is the main activity of our company since foundation. The practice of transporting the most diverse cargoes and meeting the requirements for the transportation of refrigerated juice concentrates, hot liquid chocolate, alcohols, or industrial chemistry, gave us a precious understanding of our role in the chain of transformation of raw materials into finished products of daily demand...




Nowadays the priority direction of the company's activity is transport-expedition service of enterprises of Ukraine. The team of the company, being one of the most valuable resource, is continuously working on optimizing and improving the efficiency of the customer service process, which establishes the glory of our flexible enterprise, a reliable partner of the leading Ukrainian and European companies over the years...



Service station

Parts sales

Our car service provides diagnostics and repair of trucks, trailers and accessories. Diagnosis is made using modern equipment experienced professionals who detail the possible solutions to your problem and, of course, advise the best of them!

When repairing a car, we use only high quality parts! Wide range of spare parts in our stock will have to spend time and effort searching for rare detail it for you will make sales consultants our store of spare parts, advise on the quality and cost of spare parts are ordered, and timing of delivery.

Car wash

In the international carriage of bulk cargoes washing procedure is fundamental, given the impact of sterility and impeccable cleanliness of the quality of transportation. The car wash of the company "Stellaur" is built with the use of the latest European technologies and serves not only the fleet of the company "Stellaar", but also cars of many other Ukrainian and European carriers...







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